Is c3p0’s zeta necessary for gas?

I got all of p2 reqs to r4/5 except c3p0 g12 and shaak g12 + 4. I’m wondering if I need his zeta or not or whether it would be more beneficial on droideka or magnaguard or a p4 req (already got b1) Also also about a week away from relic b1 and magnaguard

Feel like only thing slowing me down is zetas so if they’re not necessary I’d rather not spend another month saving up enough to zeta every req.


  • I_JnK_I
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    didnt need either of them, so its possible without. Would be more helpful on droideka or b2
  • perry5 wrote: »
    beneficial on droideka or magnaguard
    Whatever you do, DON'T place a zeta on Magnaguard!! There may be worse zetas.. but that one stinks.

    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
  • They aren't necessary, there will be some RNG no matter what zetas you have. Lots of guide videos for the GAS unlock tiers though, good luck!
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