Push for Exec, or relicing key characters in the base teams?

Hey guys, I’m playing regularly for about a year (the acc is much older, so it is a salvaged account), my question is, I have a lot of key characters unreliced (DR, GAS, GG) which could make my teams in GAC stronger, however as for now (low bronzium) I dont really miss the relic levels to clear, but more like from the low number of competitive teams. So the question is: should I bring up the core teams (or at least the cores of the core teams) to relic, or push for Exec having all the requirements at 7 star. Any other recommendations are welcome


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    IMO Exec would probably be a good bet. How many executors are there in your fleet shard? Could you break into the top 50 or even 20 with executor? Adding crystal income from fleet arena is usually more effective than trying to climb through several GAC divisions.

    Additionally, with an executor in lower GAC divisions you could probably go with a fleets only defence and win most matches. Two birds with one stone.
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