The minimum for Tier 7 Thrawn - My Team

I see a lot of people ask about the bare minimum required for Thrawn’s tier 7, so I thought that I’d post mine as a benchmark. The photos below are my team at the current time of 3 minutes after beating Thrawn.

A few notes:

I’ve used more Omegas than necessary here. Kanan’s basic for example is entirely unnecessary, and was more just because I have this thing where I can’t stand the pop up on the characters names.

Ezra is your focus here. He is the only one that needs to be above Gear Level 8 really. He will do all the damage, and therefore as long as the other characters have enough health to buff each other and lead Thrawn in circles while Ezra does the damage, you’ll be fine.

Conversely, Chopper’s unique would’ve made this so much easier if Omega’d. It requires level 82, which I am not at present, but if you have that luxury it is absolutely worth it.

In terms of preparation, the last thing is the mods. Mine are, as you can see, not wonderful. A speed and health set on each character with all of them to level 12 regardless of stats. You could do more with less provided you had better optimisation, I.e speed on your arrow mods, but ultimately if you can’t be bothered waiting for the right rolls, grab a speed and health set on each and make sure the stats are high, whatever they are.

In terms of the fight strategy, only one note.

A lot of people will tell you to go in this order for the fourth wave - Death Troopers, 2 of the other toons, Thrawn, and then the last stormtrooper left alive, whether it be a commander or just regular. I have an addendum to this - leave the regular Stormtrooper alive. You can get stuck in a sort of loop where Thrawn and the Commander work in tandem to heal him up while outputting loads of damage. The taunt on the other hand is annoying but not too detrimental considering Ezra and Choppers abilities.

Good luck guys. It’s a hard fight, but with this level of team, more than possible.



  • Vendi1983
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    That's pretty high. Probably because the mods aren't maxed out. Congrats on unlocking 7* though!
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    That's pretty high. Probably because the mods aren't maxed out. Congrats on unlocking 7* though!

    Do you think? I’ve seen people with lower but from what I gather they had an understanding of the game before going for it. I sorta just muddled my way through until about lvl 75 where I decided to get my act together, so this is a product of that really
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