Content Update: 3/22/23

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Cere Junda is coming to the holotables from the acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order game! Her Padawan Trilla Suduri eventually became the feared Inquisitor Second Sister, but even after this devastation Cere continued to fight by rescuing Cal Kestis from the clutches of her former pupil to try to restore the Jedi Order.

Though her Jedi Knight days are behind her, Cere still uses her connection to the Force to protect her allies with her Special ability, Force Barrier, providing them bonus Protection and Damage Immunity for the weakest Unaligned Force User ally. She also bides her time and lets an enemy’s strength become their downfall with her Leader ability, Rekindle, which provides her allies additional damage for each turn an enemy takes until one of her allies takes their first turn. Additionally, each time an enemy takes a turn her Special ability, Determined Assault, will deal more damage. Though the cooldown of Determined Assault is rather exceptional at first glance, her Unique ability, Unity Through Adversity, will reduce the cooldown of her abilities whenever an enemy takes a turn so long as certain conditions are met.

While in the Grand Arenas game mode, Cere’s Omicron further empowers her allies from enemy turns, giving some members of her squad exceptional burst damage potential. Ever the protector, her Omicron also increases the survivability of her allies through stats and immunity to Ability Block and Daze.

Unlock Cere Junda in the new “STORIES OF SURVIVAL II” Marquee event and prepare for the upcoming Hero’s Journey for Cal Kestis (Survivor)!


Today’s update also brings an Omicron Update to Poggle the Lesser.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:
  • Cere Junda: Kit Reveal & Dev Insights This is clickable
  • Note that Cere is getting TB mission in future update
  • Poggle the Lesser: Omicron Update Also Clickable

The April Event Schedule has been posted here! The Daily Login Unit for April will be Sith Marauder

Shard Shuffle
  • TIE Defender's shards are now farmable from Fleet Battles 3-B (Hard). They replace Umbaran Starfighter blueprints, which move to Dark Side Battles 2-D (Hard) alongside CT-5555 "Fives" shards.
  • Tusken Warrior is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments. Collect this powerful character today!

  • Fixed a bug where Grand Inquisitor with the Omicron Upgrade to "Ready to Die?" did not always instantly defeat General Kenobi under Jedi Master Kenobi lead
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Suspicious could be applied while Sana was defeated
  • Fixed DoT Immunity application in Scion of Jango when with Tusken Chieftain omicron in 3v3 GAC
  • Hondo was getting some added bonuses when paired with Ben Solo on an otherwise all Light Side squad. Hondo should no longer be able to disguise himself as a Light Side ally.
  • BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter's Astromech Advantage ability description wasn't accurate to what the ability has always done, which is Taunt when Unending Loyalty expires. The ability text has been updated to reflect the actual functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Third Sister would inflict more than 6 Purge on enemies who have revived

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