CG, please help me recover my account. EA support is no help.

I lost access to my gmail linked to my game account, and now can't log in to my account. I need the gmail of my game account changed to an email I have access to so that I can log into it again. This is a 5 year old account that I've worked very hard on. Please help me because otherwise I'm just done playing.

EA has only ever offered to change my EA account email, which I can do myself without them, and isn't even the issue. They're clueless, and every single person I spoke to REFUSED to escalate when I asked to speak with their supervisor multiple times.
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    I assume the email you mention is the one linked to Google play/Apple game Center? If yes, you will have to contact them, in that case EA will not be able to help you.
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  • you can link it in a different way.
    this is third party thought and only works if your EA Connect is fine.

    First part:

    go to: and log in with FB(Ignore that the browser wants to open swgoh after your sucessful login. just click cancel)
    Go to
    there you will find star wars galaxy of heroes... click on "view or edit"
    on the very bottom of the page you will find something called a user-ID

    Just confirm that the ID is there and note it down.

    Second Part:

    ok so now that you are successfully have linked your facebook account to swgoh. We need to connect your Actual ingame Account to that FB account.

    go to the guildcommander
    login with EA Connect
    check if the account shown is correct. also check if "Facebook ID" is empty. it should be empty now. if not do not continue and let me know pls.
    go to settings -> Link by FacebookID
    in the popup that opens enter the User-ID of facebook you got from the first part.
    click on Link to Facebook
    if you got a green message thats great.... go ahead and logout of the website... login again... does it now show your facebook ID on the information screen? if so... great news! you can now go ahead and login via facebook in the game
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