about the sid arena focus..

guys im having some real trouble. i know sid has potential and his heal block can lead to a secured easy kill if there is no barrass in the first round. But my problem is my sid dies from dooku and the enemy lumi force push(usually 2 shot in round 1, sometimes a 3 shot). hes at like 4k power. he isn't exactly a weenie damage wise. But his health is to low to be useful for me. he gets 1 aa off per PVP fight. And half the time they resist my heal immunity. anyone else having this problem??


  • Barrok
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    sid isn't a guaranteed win. If you have him to low a level or rank, then you should be using someone else. Don't stick to a guy that is obviously not working for you, just because others are using him.
  • If you still have your heart set on using sid. Get a tank that has taunt, so you can start get the focus off your squishy.
  • hmm well thanks guys. ya he will be 6 star soon. maxed gear lvl58. so hopefully he can hold his own then. and i only have a few with taunts, all of which attack after dooku lumi, so he/she wouldnt taunt in time. idk ill play around with it
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    I have a 7* chewie to help taunt damage away from my sid. It sucks losing him really early (he does have low health). It also sucks to use lumi's heal early, just to keep him alive since she does so much damage.

    I am not saying chewie is the taunt you need, but I would look into having either a taunt or a very very high speed team.
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    He's much easier to keep alive with all the dodge he has now. Before he was a three-hit goner.. Dooku special, Sid special, Lumi special, gone. Now it is much tougher to knock him out because of his high Jedi evasion.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    I don't find a problem keeping sid alive, I keep an all healing team going though, all 4-5 stars with gear levels 6-7 and level 52. I stay in the top 50 in arena and havnt spent any money.


    I'll either keep sid or lumi as the leader. Strategy is to health lock opposing Sid first attack and get him in the first round, this can usually be done by first round as Sid, lumi, and jc will go before Bari or chewy. All toons either team heal (primary jc/lumi or secondary talia) and/or self heal with Talia, Sid and chewie so wasting a heal to keep one toon going is no big deal. Once I can unlock the -1 heal cool down on jc and second turn 20% heal on lumi I feel ill have a good team to keep me in the top 25ish. I don't really have the drive for top spots, just want the rewards at this point with top 50 or even top 100 being adaquite for me.

  • No team is indestructible. Every team has a counter and being Level 60 with endless money does not guarantee safety....
  • I haven't really had a problem with Sid dieing a lot... Although he is usually a burn target for me when I'm on offense. Still, my bigger issue is that they seem to really have nerfed his Health debuff and how easy he can apply it. I've gotten to the point where I now assume it won't stick... Feels like a stealth nerf to me because I've noticed it on all my debuff focused characters. My Grand Moff Tarkin is pretty much useless now since tighten grip pretty much only ever sticks to 2 people tops.
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