I'm having trouble in my arena matches I am averaging around 800-900 and can't get farther. I am level 64 and have
7* Sid
6* Lumi (waiting for 200k more credits to 7*)
6* 5555's
6*JC (40 more shards to 7*)
And I need a good 5th I have
6* Chewbacca
6* SO
4* Darth Vader
I don't know how to improve or if I just need time to level up more (900 and up are all level 70) so maybe I just need waiy until I am a higher level before I can hope to gain a better rank
Or any suggestions would be great


  • I was also thinking of farming ig-86 next or Biggs I don't want phasma because I already have two good leaders
  • Yes you'll get better with leveling up. But what are your gear levels? Farming and equipping gear significantly enhances your characters.
    And I would add Savage to your team and put Lumi as lead.
    Btw, this is the feedback section. Post this question in Squad And Strategy.
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