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I got my 5 star R2 and am setting up my team for 6/7 star while finishing out GMY and Thrawn. Who should I put on my team for R2? I have EP 7, Tarkin 6, Darth Vader 5. Should I level and up ability Thrawn at 5 now but 6/7 by the time I finish R2? Use TFP or RG? I have Mara but she's only 2 and not going up quickly any time soon... someone I'm overlooking?


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    Those are all more than enough. Thrawn is a great character that you should level up anyway. Mara is also fantastic, but if you can't farm her that fast, TFP will do. You don't really need past gear 8. Maybe less on TFP if you have Thrawn in there.
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    I did it w/ Palpatine, Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, & TIE Pilot.

    TIE is really nice back in the day when gear was an issue because he could AB on R2 & stop him from stealthing the whole team. which makes the fight a lot harder.

    Now day I'm assuming anyone will work if you stick some extra gear on characters that have Relic Reqs in the end game.
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