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On the new triumvirat, phase 4, we cannot make any point any longer. We finish every try with 0 point. Is that a new bug from new raids ?

Many thanks in advance.


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    Just an update on this. Seems the raid is working, but in stage 4, Nihulus and Scion do not count towards the raid points. Only bosses. So we were able to clear the raid, but still seems an issue because if you have a smaller roster, and not able to play the raid except during that part of the progression, you are unable to register any participation. Hopefully they can fix this.
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    We were able to clear the raid fine. Even had over a day left. But, unlike what was stated previously by CG, the last phase is not open for people to add their attempts. Everyone is taken directly to the final Traya death scene and that is all!
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    I know I'm late to this, but since raid rewards are now guild wide, not every player has to hit the raid. As long as the raid is completed, everybody will get rewards.
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