Favorite Profile Portrait

I like the Jedi Master Kenobi portrait, but the one I really want is the Arctrooper (for obvious reasons). This was never obtainable, but I am hoping they update some of these requirements that focus on a specific Territory Battle, particularly ones we aren’t running any more. They updated the prestige quest steps with old TB requirements, so it’s possible…2qhsjjxnk8z8.jpeg

What’s your favorite portrait or which one do you really want but don’t have yet?


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    I kinda want the Bad Batch one.
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    ^^^ that one. But it's starting to lose some appeal now that more and more people are getting GI.
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    One I couln't get when it was released that I'd really like is the Dooku portrait
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    Jacgul wrote: »
    Boba Fett, from the first bounty hunter quest

    defiantly agree especially if Jabba is your squad arena team.

    I think they made it easy as the kill 50 wampas while feet is present has disappeared, bit annoyed about that as more people will have it now.

    They need a malgus portrait, also starkiller needs one
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