What characters should I put in a Padme Gideon Team

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If I’m doing a padme nuke team with Gideon what characters should I put on it.
(GMY I’m in JKR squad). Do I still put GK and Snips but they’re not support so wouldn’t get the stacks of courage (if not what team should I put them in), or should I put Aayla Secura and R2 and another support character?


  • I think you should read the courage mechanic again.
  • Psiegu
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    I think you should read the courage mechanic again.

    I know GK and Snips will get courage in normal play but I mean when Gideon uses his ability and gives every support character 100% protection and thus granting every support character with 20 stacks of courage. I’m just not sure if having GK and Snips on the team with Gideon is good as they won’t be affected by that as they’re not support
  • TWrex
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    The only must I think is R2-D2.
    - He feeds stats to the rest of the team with his zeta
    - Has an AOE that essentially applies Evasion down - ensuring hits from team members land. Make sure he has the 3rd highest speed after Gideon and Padme.
    - He doesn't have a great home otherwise.

    Shaak Ti is a good choice if not being used elsewhere as she can either attack (and use the stacked courage) or send someone to attack.
    Any support clone not otherwise being used is good.
    Even Ima-Gun-Di, Eoth Koth, and CUP would be fine. Just your 2 strongest GR support not being used elsewhere.
    GK might be a good addition. He will only get 8 courage stacks but Gideon will force him to tank and he will help the team with survivability after the initial wave of hits. I wouldn't use Snips on this team but rather send her with JKA to help GQJ omicron.
  • In 3v3, I usually put Padme and Gideon with Aayla, because I have her relic from JMK. I also have R2, but I like him with JTR and BB8 or with JMK CAT. In 5v5, Padme goes on my JMK squad and Gideon goes with Veers. So the Padme Nuke squad doesn't exist there for me.
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