Salvaging an old abandoned account.

In early January this year, I started attempting to salvage my old account, which had been abandoned for 3+ years at that time. When I started this project I didn't even have a single character relic'ed. After asking around here, and watching a fair bit of content on youtube from various SWGOH content creators I decided to mainly focus on getting Executor requirements done. And expanding/gearing up my roster to get better results in GAC. While I'm still working on the latter, I am now close to finishing the former. So I started thinking to myself. What to do next.

Unfortunately, my available free time is rather limited these days, so while I have done what little research I can on my own, I still feel like I have a very poor grasp on the finer points of the game. And so I was hoping to get some input on a general outline of a plan I have been concocting in my head for the last week or so. Don't worry, I'll continue my journey towards "git gud" on my own, I just want to know if my plan is completely out on left field wandering around aimlessly. Or if it's something that will actually accomplish my goal of salvaging my account or not.

First, what exactly is it I am looking to accomplish? In short, climb the fleet arena to a point where I can reliably get crystals from it daily. And work my way up the GAC divisions to get more crystals from it.

My account:
The work-in-progress priority list looks as follows:
1) Finish the Executor Requirements. Which means getting Boba Fett from R7-R8, and Admiral Piett from G12-R8.
2) Get my 6-star IG-2000, 5-star Tie Bomber, and 5-star Razor Crest to 7 stars. And bump Beskar Mando's gear up a bit to give the Razor Crest a power boost.
3) Not sure if this one should be here or up one or down one on the list. Get a Geo team for the Wat Tambor Node id Geo TB.
4) Expand and gear up a decent roster of teams for GAC. In short, this would involve the following notable farms.
-Darth Revan, possibly into Darth Malak. This is going to be a fairly sizable farm.
-Padme. I have her at 6 stars atm, and I would also need to grind out that last star on JKA, and potentially another Galactic Republic Jedi or two.
-C-3PO for a CLS team. My murder bears are not in a good state. This is going to another big farm.
-Palpatine/Mara team. Currently farming Mara Jade, and thinking of grabbing Gideon as the 5th.
-Transitioning my Bossk lead BH team into Aura SIng lead with Zam Wessel w/Omicron
-Getting a Grievous team, with or without Wat Tambor. Another big farm.
-Getting a clone team Led by either Shak-Ti or GAS. GAS being another big farm
5) Grabbing the shards for the remaining first-order characters/Ships needed for SLKR and the FInalizer fleet.
6) SLKR farm time.

Anywho, I've rambled on long enough I think, but if anything is unclear or lacking in information just ask and I will do my best to answer.


  • Revan110
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    You could make 2 very strong empire and sith teams if you focus on the characters with synergy with Vader and Palpatine, lots of ways to get back into the game from where you left off.

    You have some good bounty hunters as well so you could easily put together a third squad based around that.
  • Already farming Mara, Gideon, and Talon. So I should have decent EP/Mara and Triumverate teams soonish(tm).

    I have also been spending some energy farming gear for the Nute/Jango/Geos team I've so far used to unlock Padme at 6 stars. Although I am starting to wonder if I may have to relic a character to two on that team for it to bring down the last battle for Padme's 7-star unlock. Or if I should have gone separatist droids under Grievous instead.

    QGJ is currently sharing 2nd place on my priority list of Omicrons with Zam Wessel. The reason for this is my first Omicron went to Traya, and I plan on giving the next Omicron to Savage for the Triumvirate team with Savage and Talon. As for Zam, I plan on using her with an Aura Sing/Mando/Karga/Bossk/Zam team. But unsure if that should be a higher priority than QGJ or not.

    I may put some a higher priority on Dark Trooper and Range Trooper to finish off my Veers team, over farming Darth Revan. Although, Darth Revan does some good work, especially if I can also grab Malak.

    As for Wampa shards, unsure if I should use the MK2 raid tokens for it, or if I should reserve that for gear. And if I end up pushing for Darth Revan into Darth Malak, I may want to save up some to grab the shards for Malak instead.

    When it comes to the guild, without Wat Tambor or at least a proper Geo team to farm his node in TB. I think I'm at the upper limit of what guilds I can get into unless I find a guild that is willing to carry my ****. There is room for moving up into a higher-level version of the guild I'm in though. They do require Wat Tamor among other things though.

    Anywho, that's my rambling thoughts on the points raised so far. Thanks for the advice so far.
  • _Kell_
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    I think you’ve laid out a solid list. I think my only advice is dial in the focus. There really are many viable options to pursue (Executor, Troopers, oQGJ) etc but the more you spread out your focus the slower the overall gain in impact you’ll see. I’ve felt it more beneficial in the past couple of years to focus and finish 1-2 goals at a time. For example, at the moment my relic grinds are going to Inq and my gear to Jabba reqs. Nothing outside of those gets attention. Otherwise too easy to get distracted and being able to see the growth more quickly feels more rewarding.

    But you’ve got a solid grasp on things, so trust your feelings Luke.
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