Currency Separation

This might have been stated on another thread and I missed it.

To help all of us players, I believe we would benefit from some Organization. When we are within the "Guild Activity" section of the Shipments. At the top of the window that opens, we should have sub category tabs that we can select for each of the 4 Currencies we use. Guild Tokens, MKI - MKIII Raid tokens. It will help lower the amount of items on one slide, thus making it easier to navigate and find the items you can afford to purchase in game. .

This same thing could be done to other Categories; Mods - For Credits / Fleet Credits and Guild Events for the MKI - MKIII Guild Event Tokens.

Just a idea that I hope is considered! Have a great day everyone.


  • It should just be a filter, we click on Mk III currency and it only shows the items for sale for that currency.

    That store, a huge part of the raid overhaul, is a nightmare to scroll through.
  • OmegaIV
    59 posts Member
    There is way too much currency in the game. Like my goodness. Can we scale it down maybe?
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