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    How is it irrelevant? You don't think there are enough people in the 4-5 million range for the game to match me with? How is matching me with someone who has 31 gear 13s more than me, a reasonable thing?
    It's not. It's a problem many try to bring to CG's attention. The Skillrating based matchmaking as it is now needs to be adjusted more before it works as it should.

    CG's attention pov

    How do i know or check my skill rating or GP as well as my opponent?

    Both for GAC and Arena matches pls..
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    In GAC you and your opponents in one bracket have the same Skillrating, that's why you got sorted into the same bracket.

    You can check your GP on your upper left corner on the main/Cantina screen or when you go to your characters overview to see the full number, it's in the upper right corner.

    For you opponent you just simply click on their details in the screen before you enter the zones. You can see their Roster including their GP again in the upper right corner.

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