Geonosian ally attack wrecks me everytime

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Can someone please take a look at my roster and direct me as to which heroes I should focus on leveling up, specifically in order to counter a pack of Geonosians. They always seem to be the 12th and final stage of my galactic war and therefore I never am able to complete it. I can use a single squad from the beginning but on the last stage those darn Geonosians make mince meat of literally my entire roster 😔 please help
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    Can anyone maybe suggest heroes in my roster that I can focus on leveling up to beat Geonosian ally attack
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  • Your zeta choices have hurt you.

    If those 2 zetas on dark and 50r-t were on darth vader, he could solo those geos for you.

    You need to get some journey guides completed. Get the CLS event rebels high enough to get palp, then use palp to get r2, then get cls.

    Palp leading vader will do a lot of work for you in gal war.
  • I only recently started playing intensely after my account was stagnating. I focused on Droids and not on rebels... I see now it may have been silly of me to do so. Which rebels would be the best for me to farm shards? I don't want to waste time nor energy focusing on farming unnecessary heroes.
    My Droid squad alone use to finish galactic wars but ever since I added that zeta thingy... GW became hugely more difficult. I honestly thought zeta's were just another ability mat. Incorrectly thought nothing special about them... I was wrong... So very wrong
  • The gal war difficulty is based on your top 5 toons power. If you only improve 5 toons it will get hard to complete. If you make 2 or 3 teams about the same power it will be much easier. Zetas add a bunch of power on their own, so adding that would have spiked the difficulty for you.

    Just look at the cls reqs and get them to about level 65 g7 or g8 and they will be able to get palp for you. You can keep leveling and gearing stormtrooper Han and Old Ben, they're useful all the way through the game. Leave Leia until you go after JKL. Never put any more on farmboy. You can farm all these for currencies, so very quick farms.
  • I understand everything up until you can farm all these for currencies
    Atm I mainly farm hard battles for shards and that is anything but quick
    Thanks, at least I have some direction now instead of blindly playing and getting nowhere. One more thing... So I assume farmboy is pretty useless?
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    So in addition to these. I should focus on stormtrooper Han? Will that take me through the remaining 230 shards?
  • Ah, sorry, some forum shorthand may have been confusing. You should look at the journey guide for Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS). Get those toons plus one more to get palp. So Princess Leia (arena shop), Farmboy luke (guild currency, raid 1 currency, hard node, cantina node), stormtrooper Han (cantina store), you already know how to get Old Ben (maybe turns up in one of the stores, not sure), and you need one more, as R2-D2 is the fifth. Biggs should be fine.
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    My suggestion, as of a few days ago, is to go for phoenix. They've become an absolute powerhouse, Hera and Rex are absolutely vital, next I'd say chopper and or Kansan,then zeb, then Ezra and or Sabine.
  • I thank you for your suggestion but before I commit myself to it I have a question. Given my roster would it be viable to level up Phoenix heroes? I. E I'm looking for the fastest route to follow in order to beat the pack of Geonosians. If it is then I'll definitely look into it
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    Viable? Certainly. Phoenix have long been suggested as one of the first squads to farm for new players so they are very accessible. They also serve for two Journey Guides: Palpatine (Rebels) and Thrawn (Phoenix). These two characters plus Vader will easily let you beat Geos. Going for Stormtrooper Han and Farmboy Luke also serves dual purpose of getting you to Palpatine and Commander Luke but if your immediate goal is Geos the Palps and Thrawn I think are a bit easier to get.

    I might also suggest spending less to level up characters you don’t have immediate plans for. In the early game I remember credits being a bit hard to come by. Leave toons you are not developing or using at Lv 1 and save the credits for the toons you need.

    Good luck and be patient. Progression in this game happens slowly but you’ll get there!
  • I think that was my biggest mistake... I tried leveling up all my heroes and I always ran out of credits. At least I have some direction now. I was focusing on droids, inquisitors and Darth Vader. Completely paying no attention to Phoenix, rebels and scoundrels. Thanks for all the help. I'm lvl 83 but trust me I'm still very much a beginner because of wasted resources.
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