Title Update 6/28/2023

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It’s Title Update day!

You will be required to update your game from your app store and get the latest data.
The main updates for this release are the new Zeffo Bonus Zone, Fleet Management, TB Stat Management, Turn Order Visualization, and Treasure Node Simming in Conquest!

Read on to see the list of changes.

Zeffo Bonus Zone

Next up is the all new Zeffo Bonus Zone in the Territory Battle: Rise of the Empire! Bonus zones will give you access to new rewards and ways to use your roster to help your Guild. To unlock Zeffo, you will need 30 Guild members to complete the Special Mission on Bracca, which requires Cere Junda and either Cal Kestis or Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. Note, you will need to unlock Zeffo each Territory Battle run.

Missions on Zeffo require Light Side characters at Relic 7. Missions have the following additional requirements:

Combat Mission 1: No additional requirements
Rewards 162,500 CP for first phase and 341,250 for second phase

Combat Mission 2: 5x Unaligned Force Users
Rewards 162,500 CP for first phase and 341,250 for second phase

Combat Mission 3: Jedi Knight Cal Kestis
Rewards 487,500 CP for first phase and 1,023,750 for second phase

Special Mission: 5x Clone Troopers
Rewards 50 Mk II Guild Event Tokens

Ship Mission: Negotiator (7 stars)
Rewards 682,500 CP

Important to note for players: Combat Mission 1 and the Special Mission both feature combat against Tomb Guardians, which are enemies that cannot be defeated unless they are stunned. While Zeffo’s planet modifier can help with that, using squads that can reliably stun enemies is recommended!

Not all Bonus Zones will be the same, meaning Zeffo's rewards and requirements will likely be different from future Bonus Zones.

In Zeffo, the rewards are as follows:
Reward 1 (Requires 143,589,583 CP): 150 Mk III Guild Event Tokens, 20 Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype Salvage

Reward 2 (Requires 229,743,333 CP): 300 Mk III Guild Event Tokens, 20 Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage

Reward 3 (Requires 287,179,167 CP): 1 star

The Bonus Zone star gives a Guild an opportunity to earn an additional star on top of where they are currently landing.

An additional reward tier has been added to the top of the Rise of the Empire reward ladder as well to account for the new star that can be earned in Zeffo. This rewards the following:

Territory Battle Prize Box awarding Tier XII Prototypes and Salvage
1600 Crystals
9100 GET3 Currency
6000 GET2 Currency
5000 GET1 Currency


While guilds are still a ways off from 55 stars, this additional star does give an avenue for guilds to bump to the next star from where they are now.

Zeffo Platoon Requirements:
All characters are required at Relic 7. Ships are required at 7 stars.

NOTE: Because of his 3 Territory Battle Omicrons, Jedi Knight Cal Kestis will never be required for a platoon in a Territory Battle. We want players to use those Omicrons.

Fleet Management

It’s finally here!

You can now save Fleets of ships in different tabs just as you do with your character squads! In addition, we’ve updated how ships are displayed to give more information about the power of ship pilots, and have implemented a Capital ship synergy widget similar to the leader synergy widget for character squads.

Territory Battle Stats Update

We are excited to provide Leaders more tools when it comes to helping manage a Guild and with today’s Update, we introduce Territory Battle Stats! This will allow you to view and sort various filters to get a better grasp on how your guildmates are performing.

Example of Sorting your TB Leaderboard:

Visualization of Turn Order

Speaking of Quality of Life updates, we heard you folks about how sometimes it’s hard to tell which character is going next. Well, now you don’t have to worry, because we have implemented a Turn Order widget!

The new Turn Order widget has been added to the right side of the screen in both character and ship combat. This widget is hidden by default, but players can choose to show it to list the next 6 units who will take turns in combat. The character at the bottom of the widget is the character currently taking a turn, and the one above them is the next to go.

Note that the turn order widget is not a hard-and-fast rule; if characters gain turn meter, they can jump the line. However, it can give players a better idea of who is going next when the TM is close.

Sim Treasure Node in Conquest

And last but certainly not least, Simmable Treasure Nodes in Conquest!
This QoL feature will be available to EVERYONE, you do not need to purchase a Conquest Pass to use this feature.

Things to note:
Simming will not complete Feats
Simming will not use Stamina
Simming will use Conquest Energy
Must manually complete node once to access Simming capability
Now that we’ve gone over all the major news, let’s check out what else is happening inside today’s Title Update!

Other News
  • Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Kit Reveal CLICK HERE
  • Krayt Dragon Hunt: Personal Rewards - A milestone was added at the front of the track for less than the current first milestone (65000 points) and moved the MK 1 from the first 3 milestones into that single milestone. There are now a total of 16 individual milestones for Krayt Dragon Hunt.

  • Territory Battles: Quickly selecting another zone will no longer cause the previous zones icons to stay active.
  • Territory Battles: Activity log messages should no longer shift when they are initially scrolled through
  • Krayt Dragon Hunt: Fixed an issue where the attempt limit for battles in guild raids reset at the guild reset time instead of being limited to 5 for the entirety of the raid.
  • Territory Battles: When earning the exact points for a Territory Battle Zone Milestone; the visual state of the progress bar will now update properly
  • Krayt Dragon Hunt: Fixed an issue where some players may have not been able to claim personal rewards after switching guilds.
  • Resolved issue allowing Merrin to occasionally revive an additional unit.
  • Updated Conquest Pass Plus description regarding Energy and Stamina regeneration to match existing functionality.
  • Changed the Leviathan requirements from 7* to 4* NOTE: You will unlock the event at 4* Ship requirements, but you will still need 7* to earn the ship


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