Re-start error

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I’m repeatedly getting a restart error after the update was pushed. Anyone else?


  • Apsalar
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    Yep, just got through GAC wall and restarted, now constant errors
  • Yeah. I’m getting it went attempting GAC or territory war
  • Apsalar
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    Manual update sorted it thank kittens
  • zatchy
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    iOS just spins trying manual. Great job cg
  • mr37hat
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    trying to get into anything arena, Squad/Ship/GA is sending me right to the error and forced restart.
    "ooba... ooba"
  • I'm completely locked out of the game.

    Doing literally anything at all other than sliding back and forth within the Cantina screen forces a restart.

    I'll try the manual update, but who knows if that will work. What a pain.
  • BubbaFett
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    Close your game, restart your device.... That got me back up and running...
  • x72821
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    sudden restart message then stuck on the load screen
  • crzydroid
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