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Other then on my phone, I am unable to access my email i created for SWGOH, and other mobil games, 8 years ago. Google forced me to update my password a couple of years ago. I cannot figure out my new password and my recover email is my old work email I do not have access to anymore.

Is there a process I can use to get my SWGOH account email updated to my family email? My current phone is near the end of its life. I will have to create a new gmail account when the time comes I have to get a new phone. I will not be able to access my current email, which will lead to being unable to access my SWGOH account. Is there hope or am I on borrowed time until my phone dies?


  • YodasAdoy
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  • Hopefully mine is still active. Created a Facebook account just to move from android to IOS a long time ago.
  • crzydroid
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    So are you saying you ARE signed into that Google account on your phone? It seems to me like you should be able to change your password/recovery address while on your phone. If they need to send you authentication, they can text you or use biometrics maybe.
  • I used bogus info for setting up the email because it was meant just for a couple of games and I’m a stickler about my personal information. My recovery email was my old work email account, but I no longer work for the military.

    I went through all the variable options google describes for account recovery/password change for forgotten passwords with no luck. I’m heavy with **** security so I do not use my phone for any types of financial activity. This, in a nutshell, is why I was not vigilant about writing down the new password right away. If this means I lose my account when my phone is officially dead, then so be it. I’ll call it a career with Swgoh and move on.
  • The problem with trying to change the Google password is that you have to enter the old password first, which I don’t have. Smooth move on my part.
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