Getting back

Hello there.

I used to play this game quite a bit a few years ago. I was religously grinding but the guild I was on kinda fell out and the inspiration to grind also stopped. I love star wars and I always like to see some content that comes out, but since i stopped im not sure what I want to do now. I would like to come back, but should I continue on my old account (about 2 years old and the furthest i got was unlocking GL Palpatine) or start a new one for a fresh start on arenas on a new shard?

Thanks for any advice anyone has


  • Hello Tanini,

    Welcome Back!
    If you care about doing well in Arena & Fleet, I would say make a new account as being gone for 2 years is a LONG TIME to catch up.

    A lot has changed in 2 years! New Free 2 Play guides are out and characters are much easier to get than before.
    Check me out everyday 7:30p est @ where I stream my Only SWGOH account. (Lost my F2P Tag Oct. 5th, 2023)
  • do you have a link to help us help you make a more informed choice.
  • Revan110
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    I would pick up where you left off and work your way up in arena and fleet again especially if you already got a GL and we’re far into the game, no sense in trashing your old account when it can easily be continued.
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