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Sorry about the delay on this one folks, had some things pop up.

Is the lack of turn meter gain on the basic due to an interaction with one of the other Ewok uniques?
We wanted her basic to provide a burst of damage to help with the “death by papercut” feel of the team, but having turn meter from each hit was getting a bit too much into infinite train land with Chief Chirpa lead.
In her unique it says: "Whenever any other Ewok ally attacks out of turn, they deal True damage." Does this replace their normal damage from their basic, or is this in addition to the normal damage that they do with their basic?
It is in addition to, so they will deal normal damage and the true damage from Kneesaa’s unique.
Does 'whenever an enemy attacks an ally' trigger for each ally damaged, or only once for AoE attacks? What about attacks that deal damage multiple times?

For AoE’s it will only trigger once. However, for attacks that deal damage multiple times, the whenever an enemy attacks an ally will reapply every time that damage is applied.
will the assist still do crit or is it true damage and crit cuz some of the ewoks have unique leaning on for crit lands
When Kneesaa assists, she will still crit. So, she has the possibility to attack an additional 2 times if she crits when she assists. She is not included in the true damage to make sure she can attack again if she scores a crit.
when she attacks out of turn, does the rest of the ewoks gain tm?
No, when she attacks out of turn, she applies a stack of damage over time.
How much will someone have to donate to a CG charity stream to get a video of all of you standing in front of the building singing the Ewoks theme?
I’ll donate whatever it is just to get Meathead to do it.
Do all of the bonus Stats (95% Crit Chance, 25% Critical Damage, 10% Max Health, +10 Speed) all stack per Ewok ally or just the +10 Speed

Just the speed is based on how many Ewok allies there are. Kneesaa just gains a blanket 95% Crit Chance, 25% Critical Damage, 10% Max Health.
How's your day Meathead?


Is the protection up from the unique ability stackable depending of how many debuff has been applied?
In this case, the protection up is not stackable. However, the Defense gained is stackable every time they are dazed or stunned.
How do you pronounce her name? (Asking for a friend :p)
Which member of the "regular" Ewok lineup do you see Kneesaa replacing?

We eyed her replacing Elder. With the playstyle of Ewoks, usually if you needed a revive it was already too late. We wanted her to get them to a place of not needing the revive, so Elder was the top option to replace.
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