Known Issues - Leviathan

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Here are some current known issues with Leviathan:
  1. Mark VI Interceptor can target "Stealth" or "Outmaneuver" enemies under specific circumstances
  2. Leviathan can inflict "Daze" on allied ships during enemy reinforcement
  3. Leviathan' ability "Wrath of the Sith" can inflict "Ferocity" on enemies Sith ships when an enemy's debuff expired
  4. Mark VI Interceptor doesn't gain the right # of stacks after Leviathan's Special 3 has been used
  5. After being taken over, the enemy capital ships still provide effects from their unique abilities to enemy ships

I'm waiting on confirmation for a couple others that are being investigated and will update the list as I know more.

If you do not see a bug you have experienced in the list above, be sure to submit it HERE
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