LS 6-E (Hard Mode) - finished with 2*, gave me 3*

So I was doing the last mission of Light Side '6', which I believe is 6-E if I'm not mistaken, and after a barrage of grenades from Recon StormTroopers, my Luminara died, which cost me a star.

During the 3rd wave, I rezurrected her with my Ewok Elder before finishing off Vader.

As a result, I saw 2/3 stars light up since I'd lost a team member.

However, once back at the Light Side '6' map, I see I have 3* for completion.

I closed the game and reopened it to see if a refresh would affect it, and I still have my 3*.

I believe this to be a bug (though in my favor).

Obviously a low priority fix, but nonetheless.


  • That has happened to me when I have resurrected someone using the almighty EE. Not sure whether the bug is that it shows as only 2 star when you finish the fight or the 3 star on the map. Personally I think the bug is the former, you should get 3 stars when you finish a node with your 5 characters. It shouldn't matter that you resurrected it.
  • I agree, but from what I understand the moment you lose one, you lose a star.

    Maybe they changed it to the latter, but the initial star display that pops up still uses the old algorithm?

    I'll let them.figure it.out.
  • It's always been this way, AFAIK. If you finish the battle with all your original 5 toons, it counts as 3 stars.
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