Scout Troopers: Community Questions and Answers

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Does the Emperor's Trap part of her Unique require a Remnant leader?
Just wanted to say Thank You for bringing Biker Scout to the holotables!!
Took us long enough!
What will the new imperial remnant team look like? Will dark be removed from veers or will new Gideon step up as the fifth?
While developing the new Gideon we are assuming players will want to keep Dark Trooper with Veers so that will be the odd toon out
For the 25% TM gain on losing TM, is the max 2 times stacking per turn?
Max 2 times per turn, but you must lose TM twice for it to happen

Does the following section “ Whenever an Imperial Trooper ally begins a turn or attacks out of turn, all Imperial Trooper allies gain a stack of The Emperor's Trap until the start of the next enemy turn, non-Imperial Trooper ally's turn, or the end of battle. The Emperor's Trap can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. While Scout Trooper is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +10% Critical Chance and Imperial Remnant allies have +10 Speed.” apply even if the leader is not Imperial Remnant? It comes after that clause but is in a separate sentence and that hasn’t been too consistent in the past.

You do not need an Imperial Remnant Leader for the +10% Critical Chance and +10 Speed on Imperial Trooper and Imperial Remnant allies respectively

Does new stronger Gideon mean new Character or a Rework?
New character coming to a Conquest near you

What is the inspiration for the kit?
We wanted to capture the essence of Scout Troopers in the sense of them being the vanguard of the Imperial forces. Finding weaknesses in enemy formations, looking for danger, and generally being the first to report on a situation to give the Empire the best advantage possible. There are variations and other ways Scout Troopers help Imperial forces, but this is the area we felt best aligned with our game and needs.

Non-important, mostly just curious, but what was the decision behind leaving a underlined space between : and the first word, for the Scout's ability titles?

I’ve been waiting for someone to notice this honestly, they’ve gone out like this for the past 5-6+ kits

Where can we unlock her, is she a marquee?
Correct, marquee

When you designed Scout's interaction with IR and IT, did you have any favorite in mind between these two? Both seem pretty awesome.
The main focus was Imperial Remnant but we wanted to make sure she had some utility with Imperial Troopers, especially Wampa’s counter to Iden (sorry Wampa, but we love Iden)
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