Aeromagnifier (relic8&9)

I contacted I saw that the aeromagnifier for relic 8 and 9 are collectable in the Rancor challenge raid. Looks like the developers forgot to take this notice off the aeromagnifier on relic booster. 91ii6n44cc8e.jpg
Asked them to bring back this raid due to the aeromagnifier for the relic 8 and 9.


  • They will probably update the description (eventually), but they are not bringing it back to an earlier raid. "Challenge Rancor" doesn't even exist anymore.
  • Aeromagnifiers can be purchased using the Mk 3 Raid Tokens that you can get from the most current raid. Right now that is the Krayt Dragon raid. When the Endor speeder raid launches, that is the one that will provide Mk3 raid currency.
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