Captain Rex Zeta?

So for anyone that has him, how transformative is Captain Rex's Zeta?

Just unlocked him at 7 star. Him and the rest of my phoenix are currently between G7-10. Is his zeta enough to make a G10-12 phoenix team a problem on GAC defense? I am short on zetas (due to using 6 on JML) so not sure if it is worth it until i get the Phoenix at higher levels.


  • Dwinkelm
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    edited August 2023
    That depends on what league you’re in. If you’re in Kyber, it likely won’t get you any holds with the whole team geared so low. Save it for offense and during a match you *know* you’re either definitely going to win or definitely going to lose, experiment with them and see what you can beat and that will give you a small idea of their capabilities.

    Alternately, you could run them through Galactic War a few times and see how they do up against higher-geared teams
  • TWrex
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    In mid Aurodium with 6.2 mil GP. I ended up going ahead and placing it. My other options were second zetas on characters like MM, Wampa, or RJT. This seemed like it would have more value for the whole team.

    I have run it through Galactic War a couple times without the zeta and even at low gear levels (G7-10), it absolutely wrecks.

    Fun character and I am glad they gave Phoenix some love.
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