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Hello, I'm new to the game. I'm not sure what to focus on. Should I focus on doing the quests? What characters should I focus on getting and upgrading?

I am working on acquiring Emperor Palpatine
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  • Hey mate, could you give us your swgoh.gg account if you have one so we can see where you are at?
  • You seem to be building a team for CLS as well. Make a random emp team of your choice and make this rebel team- Farmboy, old ben, leia, ST han, and R2. Your R2 will be given to you by your empire team, that of your choice. most recommend tarkin lead but i see u have gideon.
  • Your rebel team that I specified will give you CLS, who is great in all stages of the game. good luck, and have fun!
  • YolkyWarEagle isn’t wrong!
    You will need a Rebel team to unlock CLS.

    However, I don’t recommend building Rebel team as your first team.
    The Beginner Rebel team is utter trash and rage inducing.

    The team is so Bad it will make a person quit the game.
    It’s completely unenjoyable.

    You have 4 Attackers + 1 Tank.
    You have No Healing, No Protection, No Reviving, & to make matters worse the Tank (Old Ben) doesn’t learn Taunt till you level him + skills up a fair bit.

    What will happen is 2 options:
    Option A - The team will get slaughtered.
    Option B - The team will win, but lose 1 attacker along the way meaning you will never 3 star.
    When you don’t 3 star, you can’t SIM the Stage.

    Thus, when you lose you feel bad and when you win you feel bad, it’s never an enjoyable victory.
    It just makes you get upset that you lost or get upset that you didn’t 3 star.

    There are other better teams you can run as your first team which will not cause you to pull your hair out.
    Once, you have another 1st team, you can come back to Rebel team later on down road.

    There are few starter teams you can make according to different Beginner Guides.
    A Youtuber named AhnaldT101 recommends building Imperial Troopers as your 1st team in 2023.
    A Youtuber named Songeta recommends building Jedi as your 1st team in 2023.

    AhnaldT101 & Songeta also created older videos which recommend Phoenix as your first team.
    I, personally, think starting with Phoenix team is the best option.
    I think older YouTube starting videos were better vs. newer ones.

    The Phoenix team has healing, protection, and it can revive if you time Hera Back up plan Buff right.
    The Phoenix team acts like how a team is supposed to be.
    The Phoenix team is easy to farm.
    The Phoenix team has ships to help your ground & air game.
    The Phoenix team can unlock 3.5 Legendaries.

    It is the best beginner team P2W & F2P can buy or acquire.
    At least that is what I think, I have spent money on the game.
    I can’t find another P2W team which is doing what Phoenix is doing.
  • IT will also be valuable late game- go for both them and phoenix since phoenix is light and IT are dark.
  • As of May 2023, Cal Kestis replaced Hera in cantina battles, making Phoenix a very hard team to focus on in the early game (which was one of the greater purposes for the team) it's still worth getting Phoenix for Grand Amiral Thrawn, but it's best if you grind the hard node for Hera on the side.

    Now, one of the best teams to focus on is the Imperial Troopers, there are tons of videos online about them if you need help choosing what characters to focus on, and they'll easily get you R2-D2, which is an amazing character early to mid game, and helps unlock one of the best teams in the game, Commander Luke Skywalker.

    Imperial Troopers are extremely fast, and with mods you'll be able to beat most battles with ease, making it a great army for squad arena. Galactic Wars are very tedious but with the Imperial Troopers, you won't have to worry about it anymore which allows you to get 50 wins before level 85 and then you can sim Galactic War.

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