Aphra’s Droid Savant unique mechanics.

I searched the general forum and couldn’t find anything about this.

Aphra’s Droid Savant unique states:

“At the start of Aphra's turn, she, Dark Side Droid, Dark Side Scoundrel, Darth Vader, and Krrsantan allies gain Defense, Offense, and Tenacity equal to 30% of Doctor Aphra's Potency until the start of her next turn. Hacked Commando Droid ally instead gains 60%.”

Is this saying that the stats apply to allies between every other one of Aphra’s turns? Or is it saying that these stats will stack after every other turn Aphra takes?

Or, something else entirely?

Thanks in advance for anybody who looks into this.


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    They don't stack. She starts her turn and buffs allies who fit those criteria. At the start of her next turn, she removes the previous buff from any ally that has it and grants a new buff based on her new potency. This happens every turn, not every other.
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    Here's how I read it. I could be wrong.

    Assuming no deaths...

    Aphra's first turn, her potency is X%. Every toon gets 0.3X added to their offense.

    At the start of Aphra's following turns, the boost from her previous turn expires. But she immediately reapplies it based on her current potency.

    So, the boost is always equal to 30% of what Aphra's potency was at the start of her last turn.
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