Aims and Goals

Hey everyone I'm a players that has just came back to the game over the last month or two and was wondering if any of you had any tips or ideas that would help me jump-start my account.
My ally code is 149-939-694


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    My link is
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    Hello There!

    I had a quick glance at your .gg account. It seems you are working on Geos/Imps/Jedis currently? I also see Phoenix Squad almost done with Hera at 6* currently.

    What are your long term goals for this account?

    Just from what I am seeing. I would say, finish getting Emperor Palp to 7*, work on Mara Jade as she is amazing in that team.

    Imp Squad is an amazing start to any account, in fact, I dare say the best start to begin with. Geo's are great for TB as well Ships early on! I see you already are working on the vulture droid. Might I suggest the other droid ship that does well with the Malevolence?
    Check me out everyday 7:30p est @ where I stream my Only SWGOH account. (Lost my F2P Tag Oct. 5th, 2023)
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