Idea to fix GAC

First, I will apologize for yet another conversation on how crap the GAC matchmaking is. However, I would like to propose a solution.

Conquest has three options for the player base to choose. Give GAC two game modes. One with a matchmaking system for newer low GP players, or perhaps less serious players. Second, the current skill based system.

Likely players moving back and forth will be hard to manage, so set the rule as once you enter the skill based system there is no turning back.

GAC for my main account is enjoying. I sometimes win when I think I will lose, but mostly lose when I should win! Nevertheless it is enjoyable. For my newer alt access at 1.7 million GP GAC is not even a game mode. Here is how a round typically goes:
Check my opponent, they are 4.5 million GP. Return the next day, register 10 points in a lost battle. Receive rewards in two scenarios. Losing 810-10, or winning 10-0.


  • Miketo28
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    Failed to make clear that the first GAC system would be a return to GP based matchmaking.

    I can edit this comment, why can't I edit my original? So many grammatical errors need to be did!
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