The Armorer Application

Can anyone let me know the best way to use The Armorer outside of being with a Galactic Legend? I want to use her situationally for specific counters but I’m not looking to get SEE or Supreme Leader Kylie Ren (or any Galactic Legend) anytime soon, so I wanted to know how useful she would be in the meantime.


  • odqlr07x0bme.png

    ...or you get her super fast to help kick off a Maul team <shrug>
  • Does anyone have any other uses? I don't have Maul and the Revan counter is specific only to Kylo.
  • I doubt there is much info out there, apart from using her to boost GLs or going with Maul. She very quickly found a niche when released.

    You can put her alongside anyone you want, to boost their defence and give counter attack to. They have to not care about Armorer not being the right faction with them and such. Say... Savage Opress for example. That could boost his ability to take out teams. Just like she can boost a GL, she can boost many others as well.

    She also has a pretty good lead for early game if you have mandalorians to use with her, like Sabine, Bo-Katan and Jango. Loads of protection up can be useful.
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