Getting characters to relics

Hi, I am asking for advice to upgrade characters to relics and to also get good ships as a F2P player. Currently, I have emperor palpatine at Gear 12 and honestly have no idea what to do anymore in this game. Any advice from veterans? Thank you.


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    Do you have a account? If not, it's a good idea because it has lots of useful information, as well as letting us see your roster so we can give you better advice.
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    Yes, I do have a account. Its name is “Dargon” however I have no idea how to link it here. Maybe a picture might do.
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    It looks like you made some starter mistakes.
    These mistakes could of been damaging for your account progress.

    Fortunately for you, I came to your thread at the perfect time.
    I think you can salvage the situation.
    I think you should be fine.

    I will explain how to fix your account.
    Before, I do, I want to give you a Brief Beginner Guide so you can understand how I plan to fix your account.


    Let’s pretend a person created a brand new account.
    What teams should this player try to build?

    Well, according to my Beginner Guide, I think a person should start off with 3 teams.
    1st team - Phoenix Team
    2nd team - Empire Team
    3rd team - Rebel Team

    Why do I think this is perfect start?
    Well, The Phoenix team will unlock the Chimera, Thrawn, & Emperor Palpatine

    Once, you unlock Palpatine, you can build Empire team with him as your 2nd team
    - Palpatine
    - Vader
    - Royal Guard
    - Tarkin
    - Thrawn

    Once, you have Empire team built.
    You can try to unlock R2D2.

    Once, you unlock R2D2, you can build Rebel team with him as your 3rd team.
    - Luke Skywalker (Farm Boy)
    - Old Ben
    - Lea
    - Storm Trooper Hans
    - R2D2

    The Rebel team will be used to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker.


    So you can sort of see why I think the above order is best.

    Now, when we looked at your account, we can see some similarities!
    It looks like you did the reverse order of what I said above.
    It looks like you started with a Rebel team with out R2D2 to get Palpatine.

    Afterward, you made an Empire team with Palpatine.
    You used the Empire team to get R2D2.

    Than you found yourself stuck not sure what to do next.
    What you need to do next in my opinion is unlock Thrawn, Chimera, & Commander Luke Skywalker.

    How do you do it?
    The way to do it is by building up the Phoenix team to unlock Thrawn + Chimera.

    Than you will upgrade your Rebel team with R2D2.
    This will let you get CLS.

    Do you see how we can salvage the situation?
    You built the teams in a different order vs. order I would recommend, BUT you can still get same characters at end.
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    I like your teams. Your empire looks good and you should prob focus on them rather than BH rn. Leave palp at g12. people at your level are scared to go against that. then take up vader and other imps to g12 while side farming listed rebel above. once they are all g12 (or maybe just 2-3) take one to relics- prob vader, and get all his zetas, especially mm. good luck!
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