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"reduce the target enemy's Max Health by 5% per Rebel ally" including Leia?
Yes including Leia
Why is there no Ewok synergy?
To not break up the existing Ewok squad, and we want her to be the Rebel GL
Does the additional bonus 50 speed on the ultimate trigger for every non-scoundrel ally? Or does it only trigger once?
The speed increase on the ultimate is for all other Rebel allies (so it excludes Leia) and the Mastery increase is excluded from Scoundrels
Will you be adding the icons that display character type (tank, attacker, support, etc) to other characters' abilities that rely on type? (Shaak Ti comes to mind.)
That is something we would love to do in the future, can’t promise when that will be though.
What is your personal recommended/synergy team for GL Leia?
Captain Drogan and R2D2 work well with her, as well as Rebel Jedi Tanks like Old Ben and Kanan. We’re excited (and not scared at all, who said that…) to see the comps that people come up with for her, the Rebel faction is huge!
Her ultimate says, "If this ability defeats an enemy, revive all defeated Rebel allies and they recover full Health and Protection." Does this revive allies who for example were defeated by General Skywalker or SLKR?
Leia's revive can be prevented by characters that prevent revives. So General Skywalker and SLKR can prevent it
if i use GLeia's basic on Enemy Attacker who has like 175 speed, AND somehow get enough buffs dispelled off him to make it up to -200 speed, will an Enemy Attacker have -25 speed, or 0 speed?
There is an inherent speed limit for Leia that won't let Speed be reduced below 1 except for very specific circumstances (Fracture for example)
What is the order of operation for Fearless and fear? Imagine Darth Revan uses his second special on GL Leia, does she lose Fearless before Darth Revan tries to apply Fear?
Fear application varies by unit so some can apply Fear in the same action to Leia. Darth Revan's Special 2 against Leia does not though.
How will GL ticket system work?
Since she is a Light Side GL, once you finish all of her requirements the tickets will drop on Light Side nodes. The drop rate scales to energy so farm whichever node your heart desires!
Does number crunch apply to all rebels before or after the benefits of leia
When Leia is the leader, the bonuses to R2 apply prior to Number Crunch
R2's damage-received is decreased by 20% when he attacks out of turn. But he's doing the that stacking? Does it only apply if something counter-attacks or does some sort of reflect damage?
R2-D2 damage received is decreased by 20% from all sources. The attack out of turn portion refers to the health recovery.
Can you make a simplified version of the Kit?
This is the simplified version
If an enemy starts with less than 250 speed can they be reduced to zero speed permanently?
There is an inherent speed limit for Leia that won't let Speed be reduced below 1 except for very specific circumstances (Fracture for example)
If an opponent has Ambushed, does the speed reduction from Ambush stack?
No, can have multiple stacks but the character will only have -50 speed. Characters can't gain Ambush if they are already Ambushed.
If an ally had tm removed by an enemy before using tactical offensive, so they can't lose tm, what happens? No tm loss, so what parts of the ability apply, and what don't?
The Turn Meter reduction would be prevented. The Stealth and Speed gain would still apply. The flat 50% Offense would still apply and the ability to ignore Protection using the basic ability would still occur. Bonus True Damage from the reduction would not be increased (there is a flat bonus True Damage that would still occur) and extra offense for the target ally on Basic would not.
Under Leia's lead, when it says "... Empire enemies can't gain bonus Turn Meter for 1 turn" and "... they (Rebel Allies) can’t have their Turn Meter reduced again for 1 turn", does it mean that these effects last until the next character's turn or until each character's turn individually?
Each character’s turn individually. So for example if a character has their Turn Meter reduced they can’t have it reduced again until they have taken their turn. Conversely, if an Empire enemy gains bonus Turn Meter they can’t gain it again until they have taken their turn.
Does Leia's leadership prevents cooldown reduction of Lord Vader's ultimate
Lord Vader’s ultimate charge should not be impacted by Leia’s leader. But, the cooldown reduction when Lord Vader uses his ultimate at 100% charge would be prevented

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