Modular tb

So, if ROTE is as modular as they say, why can't we just get nodes for previous tb characters on it? KAM was unreasonably hard for a lot of people, and it feels a bit dumb to just leave him off the new tb map. The mission already exists as a regular cm and it's the easy one. It's not like we can buy our way into getting him still. The real kicker is that he is not, nor will ever be even close to being meta in any way shape or form. And before the trolls wander over here telling me how easy the mission was, I am aware. I was pretty early on the train to beating the mission consistently and I ran streams for multiple guilds and walked them through the whole thing. Which shouldn't have been necessary in the first place but I digress. It's about time the they threw us a bone or something. After all, they just dropped a new gl on us before even making all the requirements farmable. It's the least they can do
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