Lord Vader health steal?

Hey all. I used a Starkiller team (Palp, Mara, SK, Old Ben, JTR) to face off against a Lord Vader team (LV, Royal Guard, Piett, Tarkin, TF Pilot) in 5v5 GAC. I didn't expect to win but wanted to see what would happen. I was able to get LV by himself and he was down to 2 red bars, until he did a move (maybe one of the specials?) which restored his health to about 75% green. Is there something in his mechanics that allows him to recover health? His kit is a bit wordy and maybe that's why I couldn't find anything. Thanks for any feedback; just want to have more information in case I face him again.


  • Dark Harbinger · (Special) · Level 3
    3 turn cooldown
    Inflict Buff Immunity and Healing Immunity for 2 turns and deal Physical damage to target enemy. This ability deals 20% more Physical damage on subsequent uses (stacking, max 5 stacks).

    Lord Vader gains 1% Ultimate Charge and Empire and Dark Side Unaligned Force User allies recover 0.5% Health for each stack of Underestimated.

    Ashes of the Republic: This attack also deals true damage
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