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What is the ideal (intended) Imperial Remnant squad from now and on for players that will unlock Beskar Gideon? Will there be any other additions to the Imperial Remnant faction are do you intend us to use 2 Moff Gideons in the same squad?
DTMG, MG, Storm Trooper, Scout Trooper, Death Trooper worked well for us
Does his lead recover 100% health and protection when gaining bonus turn?
Will DTMG's character view in the collection have his helmet off?
Nope – the suit is really cool. If you wanna see Giancarlo, the other Moff Gideon will happily enjoy your gaze.
Whenever an ally gains or loses bonus Turn Meter or a bonus Turn, they recover that much Health and Protection. - under the other gideon special would this be 100% potentially from tm removed and then 25% from gain?
How does Health/Protection recovery from the leader ability works upon receiving a bonus turn? If, let's say, Stormtrooper has 50% Turn Meter and receives a bonus turn, how much Health and Prot does he recover?
Can Unwavering Presence be explained? Is that entire second paragraph (which includes the Mando ally revive) all conditional upon DTMG being in the leader position?
As stated “If Dark Trooper Moff Gideon is in the Leader slot, defeated Imperial Remnant allies are revived with 100% Health and Protection and Stealth for 2 turns.” Then, if he isn’t the leader this part takes effect: “Otherwise, defeated Dark Side Mandalorian allies are revived with 30% Health and Protection and gain Retribution for 2 turns.”
Is maul’s lead better than gideons in gac
If it’s a mostly Mandalorian team, probably.
What sort of modding would you suggest for DTMG?
Make him thicc and Speed never hurts.
How does DTMG’s anti-defeat work when there are no other active allies (or no other non-GL active allies)?
He dies.
The DS mando revive is not reliant on gideon being in the leader slot correct?
Correct – it’s intended to be used under a Maul lead.
I’m disappointed his leadership ability isn’t name “Los Pollos Hermanos”.
So say we all, unfortunately we don’t have the rights to the Breaking Bad franchise. We all know in our hearts he’s cooking delicious chicken at the Imperial Remnant base though.
Even though Darktrooper is partially excluded throughout the kit, it still feels like it would be an option on the team?
You can give it a go
Is there a risk to using Strategic Onslaught and losing Insight too frequently to have the passive Revive kick in?
There is more of a risk outside of TW with Omicrons, however in TW he’ll usually have 4 stacks.
Why is dark trooper moff gideon not a imperial trooper? Did it break the trooper team with veers and piett?
Does DTMG gain the Subversive Volley special ability at 4 Insight like the current Moff Gideon does?


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    I missed the deadline, I'm not sure if its wrong to ask here but may aswell:

    Is there any chance scout is going to receive an update so that DTMG does not break emperors trap from his allies when he takes a turn? Right now since he is not a trooper, he will constantly stifle any stack generation.

    ...also there is a discrepancy in the the reveal kit and the in game text. Reveal says that enemies that gain TM will lose offense, defense, and TM. But in game it lost the TM text. But in the code the TM removal is still there. Will the text be updated to match the effect or will the effect be updated to match the text?
  • Yeah, could Scout's Emperor's Trap be changed to work like Piett's where it triggers on ally-Empire turns and falls off on opposing character or non-Empire ally turns? Because if it only works under a Remnant leader and one of the two makes stacks fall off it's one of the worst Zetas out there.

    Similarly, was DTMG balanced around not having Imperial Trooper synergy with Storm, Death, Scout, and Moff Gideon? Seems like he's losing a lot of bonuses on his team by not having the tag.
  • Where is your fix for the mini boss ????? I again lost 20 conquest energy... this game is such a downfall... LAME
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  • Would it not make sense to add a clause in his unique ability, akin to Boba Fett Scion of Jango that would state that "DTMG would count as a Mandalorian if the allied leader is a Dark Side Mandalorian"? It wouldn't need to apply to all gamemodes, as it could be under an omicron for some gamemode. Just a suggestion tho.
  • At this point, I don’t care about this issue or when or if the techs fix it , I’m upset about buying a conquest pass for bugged conquest. Btw moff Gideon consumable doesn’t work either. This issue has cost me money & time (24 hrs in conquest, $10 conquest pass, 150 crystal, moff Gideon consumable)
  • Does his lead recover 100% health and protection when gaining bonus turn?
    How does Health/Protection recovery from the leader ability works upon receiving a bonus turn? If, let's say, Stormtrooper has 50% Turn Meter and receives a bonus turn, how much Health and Prot does he recover?

    So which is it? Do allies that get a bonus turn get 100% health and protection, or do they gain X% health and protection based on how much tm they gained?
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    Still not fixed mini boss, people in my guild can't go forward. Maybe it's time to make a very difficult and extreme level in the conquest, where there would be the same number of character shards, but better rewards could be obtained, and there could be bosses like this on the extreme level, for the best player.
  • Btw moff Gideon consumable doesn’t work either)

    It does, but not in the Boss battles. The Boss Battles count as Raids and the Gideon Tech counts as call into ally slot, which doesnt work in Raids at all. For Example Mothmas Rebel soldier, GBAs Geo Brute or Arc Soldiers Turret also dont get called into the ally slots and its described in the abilities which call them
  • You all seriously need to look into scout trooper ET and DTMG not being an imperial trooper it really kills that part of the zeta
  • Is this conquest mini boss fixed? Am I to believe that it’s unbeatable for me? Is this your intention? To have the bulk of the players not be able to participate in this conquest? Should I expect it going forward? Is proving grounds still gonna be all but impossible??
    Give me 1 reason why I should continue to play this unfair game.
    Just 1 reason.
  • Now that we know about an impending Epic Confrontation with Bo-Katan (Mand'alor) as the reward, I think it's proper to ask if Dark Trooper Gideon will be needed to unlock her. If so, then it seems like the kind of thing I would have liked to have known before his first conquest began. But, if anyone can answer that now, it would be better than nothing.
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    CG can answer, but they won't, at least not yet.
    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
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