Update 10/04 (Good buddy) + Conquest Update + Imperial Super Commander Adjustment

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

Hondo has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
Scout Trooper's shards are now farmable from Fleet Battles 5-C (Hard)

Updated Savage Opress's description to be more current, no functionality has been adjusted

Imperial Super Commando

Updated Description:

Upper Hand:

Imperial Super Commando has +100% counter chance and gains +15% Offense for each enemy with no buffs.

If all allies were Dark Side Mandalorians or Empire at the start of battle:

Whenever a Dark Side Mandalorian ally attacks out of turn, they deal additional True damage and recover 10% Protection

Whenever Imperial Super Commando or Gar Saxon attack out of turn, the other attacks as well (limit once per turn)


Reduce Miniboss and Boss difficulty
Reduce Treasure Room difficulty

Free Conquest Pack

You must be participating in Conquest

Go to in-game store > Click pack (Which has goodies) > This triggers an inbox message (Which has more goodies)
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