Extra Life Charity Drive + Incentives - $15,648 Raised So far!

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Total Raised so far: $15,648
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CG Extra Life 2023
Capital Games is again raising money for UC Davis Children's Hospital through Extra Life. Every dollar you donate helps the children and families that are provided care by the UC Davis Children's Hospital every day.

This money helps to purchase medical equipment, recreation materials and technology for the children getting care, financial assistance for families that have to stay in the area when their child is getting medical care, and many other things.

This year, we have decided to change things up a little bit with the intention to raise more money for UC Davis Children's Hospital. To that end, we have created a couple of incentives for kind-hearted people like you that would have donated anyway!

We are going to be raffling off a really AWESOME LOTR-themed LEGO Set to celebrate our recent foray into the Lord of the Rings universe, and we're also going to be offering a One-time SWGOH Pack for people to get in-game sometime after they donate.

More details are provided below on how to participate in either or both of these incentives.

And of course, if you prefer not to get anything for your donation, you can still donate any amount of money you feel comfortable with. Every dollar helps, and if you're not able to donate right now, but know of friends that would be interested in helping, please share this page, thanks!

Rivendell LEGO Set Raffle

Capital Games has partnered with UC Davis Children's Hospital to provide an awesome item to send to 1 lucky winner after the main stream event has ended.* If you're interested, please donate at least $5 via our listed Raffle Ticket incentives to acquire one or many raffle tickets for this item.

Own a piece of Lord of the Rings history in LEGO form! Travel to the legendary city of Rivendell and relive the heartfelt moments of Fellowship of the Ring.

Recreate the forming of the fellowship or Frodo's reunion with Bilbo. Allow Aragorn and Arwen to rekindle their love story as Aragorn ponders his role as heir of Isildur and future rightful King of Gondor.

And my axe!

Raffle tickets have been set up in multiple denominations. If for some reason you want to buy 40 raffle tickets, by all means, go ahead! Just make sure to include your email address with each donation.

One week after the main event, we will forward all entries to UC Davis Children's Hospital where they will pick a winner and then contact that person via email to coordinate shipment of the Lego set.

Remember that even the smallest person can change the course of the future. And even the smallest amount can help the children and families that UC Davis Children's Hospital helps every day.

Good luck, and may the force be with you!

*Entry submission via donation will end approximately one week after the main stream event. Time for raffle drawing and shipment may vary depending on total number of entries and the winner's location. Representatives from UC Davis Children's Hospital will be shipping the item to the raffle winner.

New This Year!
$25 Donation - SWGOH In-Game Reward Pack

For the first time ever, Capital Games will be offering an in game pack of rewards for a donation to the Extra Life charity event this year.

Donate $25 and provide your ally code, and we will send you a valuable pack of in-game items to assist you in Journey for Jedi Knight Cal Kestis and Galactic Legend Leia Organa.

Limit one in-game pack per ally code. If you want to donate for the pack again with a different ally code, you're allowed to, in case you wanted to gift this to a friend or family member.

Packs will be distributed 4-6 weeks** after the main event on October 21st.

Pack Contents
New Portrait & Title
  • 1,000 Crystals
  • 1 Ability Material Omicron
  • 2 Ability Material Zetas
  • 5 Ability Material Omegas
  • 100 Ability Material MK III
  • 5 Droid Brain
  • 5 Gyrda Keypad
  • 5 Aeromagnifier
  • 5 Impulse Detector
  • 5 Zinbiddle Card
  • 10 Fragmented Signal Data
  • 10 Incomplete Signal Data
  • 10 Flawed Signal Data
  • 1 Million Credits
  • 10 Cal Kestis shards
  • 10 Cere Junda shards
  • 10 Merrin shards
  • 10 Tarfful shards
  • 10 Saw Gerrera shards
  • 10 Captain Rex shards
  • 10 Princess Kneesaa shards
  • 10 Scout Trooper shards
  • 10 Captain Drogan shards

Please consider covering the processing fee when donating for either incentive, thank you!

**This is only an estimate, please be patient with us, thanks!

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