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Is Paz's unique regarding character revives part of the omi?
Yes it is.
Does Paz gain 5 stacks of resilient under a LS mando in TW with his omi or just 3?
His kit doesn’t mention TW, guessing this is meant as a question for Territory Battle, in which case: 5
In the unique legacy of house visla. It gives a 10% and a 15% boost. If the ally is a dark side mandalorian ally that would give 10%. But if they're light side mandalorian does it give paz 15% or does it stack to 25%?
If the ally is a Dark Side or Neutral Mandalorian, Paz will gain 10%. If they are a Light Side Mandalorian, Paz will gain 25%.
When Paz uses vengeful incineration it does 30% more damage per stack of overheat and then removes all stacks over overheat, does the 10% offence per overheat stack count for this ability or is it dispelled before damage?
The 10% per Overheat is counted, yes. The Overheat removal occurs as the very last effect to trigger in the ability.
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Does he have Synergy with Pez Viszla?
Sadly no, they are mortal enemies. Though Paz finds his rival to be most delicious (if a little chalky).
Hi Meathead, mom said it was my turn to ask how y'all are doing
Tell Mom we’re doing well and we appreciate her asking! We hope she’s doing well too!
For the basic ability do we get to choose if we gain Heat or Overheat or their is like a 50% chance for either of them ?
The Basic and first Special ability will generate Heat until you are at 10 stacks. Once you achieve 10 stacks of Heat, these abilities will instead generate Overheat.
With Paz's basic ability, do the additional benefits occur more than once depending on how many stacks of Heat and Overheat? Or do they only happen once.
Just once.
Hello there! Why is meathead?
Because seven days without Meathead makes one Weekhead. (Lul, Good one Mouse! - Meathead)

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How do the designers recommend modding Paz? Is his damage potential worth focusing on or just a nice addition to more traditional tank set-ups?
Depending a bit on the team he is with gives some flexibility here. In general him being modded tankier with Health or Defense is always helpful, but you may find in some teams he can sacrifice a bit of those defensive stats in favor of offense.
How is Crazy doing?
Still trying to convince Meathead to come have lunch
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