Batch Mod Management

Something I noticed about the Mod management UI. When upgrading a set of mods they just upgrade but you don't get to actually see the result of the upgrade. They just get lost in the mass of mods.

I have quite a few and sometimes I do have to sell some but losing out on mods due to not being able to see them is annoying.

Even moreso if you create a filter. E.g. filter mods with speed that are on level 1. As soon as you upgrade they disappear from the screen. And have to refilter in an attempt to find them again.

Is it possible to get an improvement to mod management to show the upgraded mods and what secondary stats were upgraded?



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    Absolutely second this and I'm surprised that this hasn't been mentioned previously by anyone.

    Right now, I'm staring at a screen of roughly 20 level 1 mods. If I batch upgrade them then I will have ZERO idea of the outcomes of those upgrades which kills the idea of doing batch upgrades in the first place. So, why not, right?

    I pick out 10 of the best-looking mods (5 speed secondaires), upgrade to max and...Where'd they go?!?!?

    {in my mind, followed by "Where'd who go?!?!?"}

    The best I can do is to filtered unassigned mods and see if I have any new super duper fast mods that I don't remember having before. Otherwise, they are hidden in the mass of mods... which they are. So, yeah, I have no idea how the mods went since I would have otherwise had to track each individual mod BEFORE upgrading them.

    Suggestion: would it be possible to filter or sort by mod time stamp, if such a thing exists? If I could do that, then I could batch upgrade 100 mods if I wanted and fairly easily modify my search to see only those within, say, the last 10 minutes (or less).
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