Leviathan Mirror Matches

Some help would be appreciated.
Lately using leviathan I go first maybe 1 of 5 battles which means 4 straight losses, and even going first today I lost??
For weeks I have been losing 60-80% of my battles, is it just mods? I thought if they were all gold 6 dot mods that they would even out but I never seem to go first anymore?


  • Are you using Sith Assassin in the starting lineup? Usually whoever has the faster SA wins in mirror matches, make sure you have 6 dots and higher relics on her so you can go first. Call in Tie dagger as your first reinforcement and then MK 6 as second to instakill Malgus. Try to blitz out the enemy SA asap so it stops feeding TM to the opposing Leviathan. Hope that helps
  • Thank you for the advice, I noticed that both players that beat me today (and every other day) had faster SA’s & at higher relic levels, I will work on him and see it that works. Thanks again for the help.
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