Bo-Katan (Mand'alor) Requirements

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

We have some exciting news to share about Bo-Katan (Mand'alor) and the requirements for her upcoming Epic Confrontation event, including a sneak peak at our next two marquee units!

  • The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) (Relic 7)
  • Paz Vizsla (Relic 7)
  • IG-12 & Grogu (Relic 7) (Yes. Yes. Yes.)
  • Kelleran Beq (Relic 7) (The Best Jedi)

As we previously mentioned, Bo-Katan (Mand'alor) will unlock at 7* so there is no need to hoard your GET currencies. Spend freely!

Prepare yourselves…
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