Grand Arena Championship Update: Kyber Squish

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

I wanted to give you an update on the Grand Arena Championship and the Kyber Squish formula.

Since arriving here at SWGOH, I recognized the intense passion players have towards the Grand Arena Championship and everything that goes into it. So when I started to notice potential issues in the mode and thanks to the players who also reached out to me, I reached out to our Data team to investigate further. I understand that this has probably been a long time coming for some folks, but I assure you that I have been working with amazing members of the EA team over this course of time to get the GAC formula where it needs to be.

What happened?

In short, the original Kyber Squish formula was awesome and segmented the GAC Leagues how we wanted them to. Then due to GAC being a living feature with many moving numbers and variables, the formula caused some discrepancies on how it moved players between Leagues.

This is how we find ourselves in the position we currently are today, with the Kyber League feeling a lot less full than it should be.

The New Formula

I worked with the Data Team to create a new formula that will take the GAC Leagues and segment them to around the original intent of the Kyber Squish introduction.

At the end of the day, we want more people in Kyber, but we also want more people progressing towards Kyber. I believe the new formula we will be implementing is setting us up to accomplish that.

So what can we expect?

Starting November 6th with the new GAC, an aggressive formula will be implemented to adjust players' placements over the course of several seasons. This will require careful monitoring on our part to ensure this goes as planned.

We chose this new formula because of the stability and smoothness of the player experience during this adjustment. Players will not jump to another league unexpectedly when the new formula takes effect but will allow players to promote faster and reach the updated league targets over several events. Once we have reached our initial goal, we will look into the data and gather feedback from you to see if any further adjustments need to be made.

With our calculations, the adjustments will take between 2-4 months to move players around at a pace that will minimize potential issues from moving too quickly . There will be varying player experiences of movement based on your interaction with GAC. We will be monitoring these adjustments and will make changes to the formula during this period if needed.

Once we are satisfied, we will continue to monitor the formula to ensure Leagues remain healthy moving forward!

In Conclusion

We appreciate all your messages around this issue and again, thank you to the members of the community who reached out to me to discuss these things.

Your friendly neighborhood Tusken,
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