Profundity question

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edited November 2023
I know I just missed the event and it's once a month, but I just got all the requirements for it. I was wondering what gear should my pilots be at for the event?
Besides the requirements needed for the ship I have the following:

Biggs relic 4
Wedge relic 3
Kanan gear 12
Zeb gear 12
Pathfinder gear 12.

Kanan is 1/6 the way to relic. As is pathfinder. My ghost is almost at 70k power. Bistans is around 62k and wiggs are around 54k. Y wing is the y wing and can't go any higher.

I just want to make sure I am ready for it and don't have to wait a month.

Also does my capital ship matter as it changes to profundity? If so I have thranw relicd up.
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