Do these look suspicious?

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Could anyone give me a second opinion? Does it seem like this guy is cheating? I don't want to falsely report someone, but I came up against him in gac and was shocked that he on shotted my fleet; then I checked his gac and found some more battles I found surprising. Maybe I'm just underestimating home one, so I'd appreciate some other eyes on this.
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    Doesn't seem particularly out of line to me. Malevolence isn't a great defense fleet. The executor battle surprises me a little bit, but at 4 minutes, it's clear they had to work for that victory - and Home One has been known to counter Exec under ideal circumstances, thought it's not a counter I would try. That exec is only 5 stars though - that's probably a factor as well.
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    Nothing there that surprises me too much the executor is suboptimal line up and 5* so once it is 7* with XB it will be more defensive and perhaps require a 2 shot to soak up initial mass assist. My preferred start line up is with droid ships and Sun Fac for Mal too. If those are G12 or less Geo’s easy to take apart. I did not check relic levels that’s assuming H1 is relatively invested in and the opponents are not above average relic levels.
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    My rebel fleet has beat executor like twice. But most of the time it gets stomped. I can also beat droid ships a lot easier than kenobis fleet.
    Still not an easy battle but definitely doable.

    I should note the executors I won against were just unlocked
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