Anyone get grievous yet?

I think it's going to take 150 to get him


  • *150 days
  • Xaylin
    68 posts Member
    The was atleast one guy that had 7 star gg within a week or so of release. Think the post was on the reddit sub
  • I have him at 5*, 0/85 shards. I farmed pretty hard to get extra character shards of my current 7* lineup but it's slow and in my opinion it's not really worth it at the moment. I decided to hold off until he's a regular farmable character in the Arena or Cantina. I encountered him once in Arena where someone had him at 7* maxed out at lvl 70. Grievous didn't do much damage and his taunting was blocked by my jedi team. That's when I stopped being impressed and put him in reserves.
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