Speeder Bike Pursuit Q/A

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Will the raid have the same scrolling background as the Leia Speeder Bike tier? Will there be an option to disable to scrolling? Myself and others have had complaints about getting motion sick during the Leia event tiers (as short as they are) and it would be unfortunate to be subjected to the same thing 8x per week for approximately 9 months.
As of right now, the background for this environment is not something that can be disabled. We understand your concerns and will be monitoring closely as the raid becomes accessible.

Is speed based purely on the unit and not their mods? What about unique abilities?
Speed will still take into account the character’s mods and any gains that they get from their Unique abilities

Is there any hero of this raid like Beskar Armor Mandalorian was for KDR?
There is not a Hero Unit for the Speeder Bike Pursuit raid

What are the relic requirements for each level?
These are the same as Krayt - G10/G12/R1/R3/R5/R7/R8

Can you explain more about how team synergies are supposed to work? What makes one team better than another?
There are a few things that go into making one team better than another. Your squad choice should take into account the faction modifiers you’ll be using, the difficulty you intend to face, and the passive bonuses provided by your unique abilities and mods. All of these things combined result in some squads performing better with specific defeat types than others. We highly encourage you to try various squads and play styles to really get a feel for how they all play.

How will individual gear levels affect the raid?
Higher gear → higher stats → higher bonuses from Statistical Rework

any features you might have wanted to implement but couldn't?
Oh, tough question! This raid is a significant amount of ‘new’ to SWGoH. New mechanics, new tech, new environments and functions. It can be difficult when working on a feature as large and as different as this one to ever feel like you’re ready to stop tweaking values or coming up with things that can be added to make it an even more novel experience for you all. So yes, there were definitely things that we weren’t able to implement that we hope to see still find some value in other features down the road.

How will the time commitment compare to Krayt now that we have 8 attempts instead of 5?
Our goal with this was to try and keep the attempt length for the Speeder Bike Pursuit raid a bit lower than that of Krayt in an effort to keep the overall time commitment around the same. Additionally, this raid will run half as often as Krayt.

When looking at the list that you provided us, I noticed that a few characters that were on endor were not listed. Was there a reason for this? Primary examples: Emperor Palpatine, R2-D2, Darth Vader
Certain models didn’t work translated to being on a speeder bike (as Edna said, no capesrobes!)

Will the Krayt Dragon Hunt raid also get this new Raid Schedule?
Yes, the Krayt Dragon Hunt also has the new Raid cadence and updated rewards to match

When the mod section refers to "Physical Evasion," does that mean the Dodge stat listed in character stats?
Yes, it does

Speaking of JKL, does he count as a Rebel? Or, my personal theory, is he a "Hero" like BAM in Krayt Raid?
JKL gets the Rebel tag as a part of this raid, Speeder Bike Pursuit doesn’t have a dedicated Hero character like KDH does

Thank you everyone for participating in the Q/A!
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