Modded Tenacity needs a buff, pretty bad. Why and Solutions.

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Ok for the sake of discussion, I will not mention Tenacity up/down, Potency up/down. I will mention some leader abilities. I will assume all characters have 1 Tenacity and Potency for math sake. I will also no mention secondary stats because of variance and relative equalness between tenacity and potency.

Background information:
  • Tenacity-potency=% chance to resist >= 15%
  • Tenacity occurs at the same level and frequency as potency in modding, at least as far as I can tell.
  • Tenacity Set Bonus=2 for 20%, 6 for max 60%
  • Potency Set Bonus=2 for 15%, 6 for 45%
  • There is 1 Primary slot dedicated to Tenacity and Potency.

    The relation of Potency to Tenacity is this: You want 100% more Tenacity than Potency. Why? (100+x)-x=100% chance to resist. If you run tenacity you wanna resist effects.
    (Sidenote: if you can't resist at all, running 0 tenacity is just as good as running Tenacity=Potency+14. Because either value will then default to 15%.)

    Problem: For characters that need Tenacity, no amount will outclass minimum Potency modding or leader abilities. Both is definitely a no go.

    Example: Emperor Palpatine: 35% Potency+1 P set(15%),+1 Primary Stat 30%=80% potency How much Tenacity do you need to have a chance of beating that? You would need 96% to get over the built in 15%. So to see any value you need that much, keep in mind that value is a 1% improvement.
    What if you wanted to have a 50/50 chance of beating it? 130% Tenacity would be required. 100% chance to beat it? 180% tenacity.

    Now how do you get Tenacity?
    The single greatest "realistic" amount of tenacity. Assuming you went with Farmboy Luke for 50% Tenacity, +3 T sets(60%), then add 30% for primary slot. You get 140% total.That is Tenacity Leader(20%>) vs Potency Leader, 6 mods vs 2 mods, for a 60% chance of resisting effects. You are forgoing 4 mod slots and an actual good leader.

    Example without Leaders: 1 P set (15%) + 1 primary stat (30%)= 45% Kinda low right? How much tenacity would we need to nullify this? 145% Assuming no built in Potency or Tenacity this is literally impossible to get. 3T sets (60%),+ 30% primary=90%. You sacrifice all your mods slots for a less than average chance to resist, (45%).

    TL:DR, The system favors potency and debuffing. Because 100 more tenacity is needed than Potency.

    1. The system could be changed to directly compare Potency and Tenacity, and let the higher win. This however would let a person mod before attacking and then knowing he could defeat them because if debuff builds can't debuff, they don't do much.

    2. Tenacity Values could be increased on mod sets and primary stats. Recommendation: Move Tenacity and Potency Set Bonuses into an Exponential system, where you would be encouraged to run multiple sets of mods together to get a stacking bonus, where more is encouraged.
    This system would favor Tenacity with more mods, and Potency with less mods.
    Basically 2T vs 2P=P wins. 6T vs 6P=T wins. The values that would do this is +2x on the 2nd bonus, and +4x on the 3rd bonus (values are examples and should not be taken as ideal).
    T=20,60,100 vs P=15,45,75

    3. Tenacity drain, Tenacity becomes the favored value, like in Solution 1, but Tenacity vs Potency isn't win or lose anymore. Tenacity - Potency= tenacity left over. Tenacity will drain with resisted debuffs, resetting on that allies turn, and increasing during other allies turns. Character has 75T, gets attacked with 45P, has 30T left. If they get attacked again that P is subtracted from this new total. if P>T, debuff. This completely allows all new debuffs on them until their next turn. New Stat: Tenacity Recovery, this is a value calculated from the toons tenacity. This % regen of Tenacity triggers whenever an ally has a turn, or any ally counter attacks, and whenever this toon Counter attacks(increased). Also maybe when allies receive buffs. You could also make it so if Tenacity doesn't drain since it last refilled, cleanse all debuffs. This would reward steadily hitting the same target. This can all be shown with the addition of a new meter under/above turn meter. The biggest downside to this (outside of the massive rework difficulty) is that this would further solidify the speed meta.

    Solution 4(simple): Change The Formula.
    "Keep it simple, stupid." Me: when I thought about this. Old: Tenacity - Potency=%chance to resist New: tenacity- Potency=y*2=% chance to resist.
    Simple as it is this decreases the 100 more tenacity needed to 50 more tenacity needed. Ex: 100% Tenacity-80% potency=20*2=40% chance to resist. 100% chance to resist would then be 130% Tenacity.

    That's it, I'm done. Hope y'all read.
    If I fundamentally misunderstand something let me know.
    I've been trying a tenacity based team, and I hit the reality of Swgoh, so this is my attempt to hit it back.
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