A short raid on Endor

The raid now lasts 3 days instead of 6 days. To launch, you need 180k coupons, which means 6 days of farming for the entire guild. Is that how it was intended? Or is this a mistake?
If we cancel now, many guilds will hit the limit on coupons.


  • Nauros
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    Yes, it's intended to be run less frequently than Krayt. And given that it's basically "pick a team and press auto", it probably could be even shorter...
  • scuba
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    Raids where 3 days before not 6, but yes the intention was to go e more time between raids. They double the cost and rewards. Should be the same rewards for 1 run now as it was for 2 before.
    Personally I wish they would have set the length for 6 days.
  • scuba wrote: »
    Personally I wish they would have set the length for 6 days.

    I really thought that's what they were going to do - I wish they would have.
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  • Definitely hurts players hopping who might be switching from one guild to the next. Was painful enough with Krayt if you hopped over at an unlucky time. Now, that potentially unlucky window is effectively doubled.
  • Thanks to the developers for bringing back the farms. Although at the cost of missing 1 TW.
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