Speeder Bike Pursuit Raid

Can we please can this Raid? It's so bad...

The constant moving background is enough to make me feel physically sick (I have seen others feel the same) so I literally have to put every attempt on auto.

The mechanics are overly complicated for a reason I don't know why and I really don't care to learn them. Not only because they are complicated for the sake of being complicated but I cant actually play the raid anyway because of the constant motion of the background.

I get the fact you are trying to come up with something new and interesting but this is NOT it. This is like... Instead of just doing 2+2 = 4 you are doing 2+2+2+2+2+2-8 = 4 i.e making it overly complicated for no reason.

I thought we would have like different parts of the battle of endor like maybe raiding the bunker then having to set charges then the battle after etc. Not a motion sickness inducing speeder bike only part with new mechanics that can not be considered "fun" in any way what so ever.

Please revert this...
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