Beginner Bounty Hunter Team

I'm level 79 and looking to form a bounty hunter team. Which characters are recommended for a general team and the Chewbacca event (note that I don't have access to Bossk or Jango, but if these characters are important please inform me).
Additionally, about how any crystals a day do you recommend spending for farming?


  • bossk is the best lead (but wait until you get to the level where he is farmable). you will want greef, boba, maybe mando, dengar (for executor in the future), maybe ig (not that good but needed for executor). krr is solid but im not sure if he’s accelerated yet. the best team at your current level is probably boba, greef, mando, dengar, and cad bane, but it would help if you posted your .gg

    i hope this is helpful
  • Bossk for sure, especially because his ship, the hounds tooth is very strong
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